Center Nutrition Services

Morton County Council on Aging (MCCOA) provides nutrition services to senior citizens.  The nutrition service program includes congregate meals, take-out meals and home delivered meals.  The service delivery area for all services is defined as throughout Morton and Oliver Counties.  The service delivery area for daily home delivered meals is defined as within city limits of communities.  Clients living outside city limits may make arrangements to receive frozen meals.

Nutrition services are available to:

  • Reduce hunger and food insecurity;
  • Promote socialization of older individuals; and
  • Promote the health and well-being of older individuals and assisting such individuals to gain access to:
    • Nutrition 
    • Other disease prevention and health promotion services to delay the onset of adverse health conditions resulting from poor nutritional health or sedentary behavior.

A hot nutritious noon meal is served 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, at the Mandan Senior Citizen Center and Library Square in Mandan, and at the Senior Citizen Centers at the following locations: Center, Glen Ullin, and Hebron.  Each meal site follows the same menu, which is prepared to meet 1/3 of the dietary reference intakes (DRI’s).  Cycle menus are approved by a licensed registered dietician. 

For congregate meal site reservations, call: Center Senior Center 701-794-8867

Home delivered meals can be arranged by calling the Nutrition Coordinator at 701-663-6528.

Eligible Participants

  • Individuals age 60 and older and their spouses, regardless of age.
  • Individuals under age 60 (except for spouses) must pay the full cost of service unless one of the criteria listed below is met.
    • Volunteer under age 60 providing meal services during meal hours. Individuals under age 60 may receive a meal only when it will not deprive an eligible participant (and their spouse) the opportunity to receive a meal.
    • Individuals with disabilities under age 60 who reside at Liberty Heights or Library Square, provided it does not deprive an eligible participant (and their spouse) the opportunity to receive a meal. The individual is only eligible to receive nutrition services that are provided at the site from which they reside either Liberty Heights or Library Square.
    • Individuals under age 60 with disabilities residing with eligible participants. Individuals under age 60 may receive a meal only when it will not deprive an eligible participant (and their spouse) the opportunity to receive a meal.


  • Home-delivered meal participants must be homebound because of physical incapacity, mental or social conditions, or isolation. A person is considered homebound when one or more of the following exists:
    • Limited physical mobility
    • Emotional or psychological impairments that prohibit participation at congregate meal site
    • Remote geographic location where no congregate meal site exists
    • Remote geographic location that prohibits accessing the meal site due to transportation issues


  • A home delivered meal may be provided to the spouse of an eligible participant, regardless of the spouse’s age or condition when the receipt of the meal is in the best interest of the eligible home delivered meal participant.

Eligibility for home-delivered meals is determined by the Nutrition Coordinator at the Morton County Council on Aging office.  For continued home-delivered meal service, a client must have a redetermination of eligibility once a year, or sooner, if needed.


All participants are provided the opportunity to contribute to the cost of services they receive.  No participant will be denied services due to the inability or unwillingness to contribute.

 Suggested Contribution for meals

            Congregate Meals                        $4.00

            Home Delivered Meals                  $4.00

            Take-Out Meals                            $4.00

            Ineligible meals (-60)                   $12.00

            Ineligible meals (12 and under)     $5.00


All guests who are not eligible for participation in the program must contribute the full cost of the meals.

The procedures to safeguard and account for program contributions are detailed in the fiscal procedures.